"Troy Trailblazer and the Horde Queen is a nuanced, gorgeously coloured and illustrated, fast-paced adventure, exploring themes of friendship, responsibility, consequence and ray-guns."

Starburst Magazine

"This is science fiction that knows its sources and influences and does new and interesting things with them, leading to a really fun, snappy read."

Travelling Man


"Sci fi gloriousness that doesn't talk down to its audience, but sets up a thrilling and intricate plot with glorious visuals to match. Definitely our sort of comic strip!"

Read it, Daddy!

"Troy Trailblazer and the Horde Queen is a fun sci-fi romp, but with some serious emotional depth. Another triumph from The Phoenix Comic."

Alice Nuttall


"The characters are definitely its greatest strength, all being recognisable at all times, their every expression and costume in keeping with their personality."

ComicBuzz Feb 2013

"With the figure work, and especially the facial expressions throughout, it’s all rather exquisitely done."

Forbidden Planet Blog 2011

"His characters appear simply executed but are sophisticated in their refinement, honed down to the basics of feature and expression."

Grovel Jun 2011


This concept of Macbeth is an extremely powerful staging.

School Librarian Magazine Winter 2008

Kurosawa's Throne of Blood is a successful translation of a work from one culture into another; this manga version has some of the same strengths, while staying truer to the text.

The Scotsman Jul 2008

I found the artistry to be impressive, with randomly delightful tidbits of hilarious facial expressions and beautifully created weird sisters and spirit dragons.

Curious Endeavourances Dec 2013

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